Pregnancy Fears After Miscarriage

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After a miscarriage some people may be eager to try again. However, some people are scared of getting pregnant again. I was one of those people.

Two years after I lost my 3rd child (reference Healing After Miscarriage), I found myself with unexpectedly pregnant. I was terrified that I would lose this baby too. I was constantly second guessing everything I was feeling. Needless to say, it added extra stress. It wasn’t until the middle of my second trimester that I finally let go of those fears.

I was lucky enough to have a great partner that was there to support me. I also had an awesome doctor that was reassuring and did lots of ultrasounds. Having a doctor that understood my concerns and took the time to listen was wonderful. If I had found him earlier, I would have had him deliver all my babies.

If you’re like me and experiencing pregnancy fears, share them with your support system. There are no guarantees, but sharing your feelings will help. Take time to choose a doctor that will listen to you and address your concerns. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by it, talk to your doctor about coping strategies to overcome your anxieties.