How I Choose Subscription Boxes

img_2373As a mother of 4 kids I am always busy.  One of the things I dread the most is shopping! For me to get to a decent store I have to drive 30-45 minutes.  So a simple trip to one store means a cranky car ride there and back, not to mention trying to keep my sanity in the store.  I have tried a few subscription boxes and I love them!  Let me tell you about it. (No I’m not trying to sell you any thing.)

I have found most the subscriptions on Instagram.  I always read through the comments to get a feel for how others are enjoying the experience.  However, I believe most people will not comment unless they’re unhappy.  So, you can get a biased view of things.  Then I go to the website and read about the company and the membership before I commit to purchasing anything.  Finally I take the plunge and give it a try.

Here are a few of the subscriptions I have tried:

  1. Ipsy
  2. Walmart Beauty Box
  3. Target Beauty Box
  4. Mac and Mia
  5. Kidbox
  6. Rockets of Awesome
  7. Stitch Fix
  8. Stitch Fix Kids
  9. Dollar Shave Club

One thing I always look for is the ability to manage my membership.  I don’t want to be stuck buying something I don’t love.  Do you have to commit to a monthly purchase, or can you choose the frequency of your purchases?  Many of these allow you to skip shipments or choose a 1 month, 3 month or on demand shipment.

I consider the price of the subscription.  Is it worth the expense?  Would I pay the same for the item if I went to the store.  There are a lot of clothing items I send back because I refuse to pay high prices for clothes my kids will quickly out grow.  I like to think I’m a frugal mom.  My kids wear name brands and have a ton of clothes, but I buy them when they’re on sale or I have a reward or coupon.  I prefer a box that has a consistent price, like Kidbox.  Others, like Stitch Fix, allow you to choose a general price range, and the stylist tries to keep your items in that area.

The quality of the products you are receiving is also important.  I must say that all the clothing subscriptions have been great as far as delivering high quality products.  The ones that may be questionable are the beauty products.  There is no way to get a box that is 100% tailored to your likes and needs.  So,  you will get some products that just aren’t right for you.  I don’t mind this because the cost is so cheap and I get to try brands and products that I otherwise wouldn’t try.  I don’t want to spend a lot of money or be stuck with a full size product I won’t use.  I really enjoy getting the beauty boxes. I have continued to purchase many of the items I found in a subscription box.

I will tell you that the subscriptions I have consistently purchased are Ipsy, Walmart Beauty Box, Stitch Fix, and Kidbox.  Ipsy is delivered monthly, while Walmart Beauty Box is shipped quarterly.  Stitch Fix and Kidbox I purchase on demand and love!  It is really fun to have the box arrive.  I also love the convenience of getting subscription boxes instead of having to go to the store.  It’s also nice that I can try new brands that I may not choose otherwise, or may not be available to me in my “local” stores.