Simple 4 Ingredient Pepper Sauce

I love gardening and my favorite thing to grow is hot peppers. This year I have had an abundance of tabasco peppers. So I decided to make a big jar of pepper sauce.

I liked the idea of using an open mouthed quart jar so I could eat the peppers. It is so simple to make this pepper sauce!

I used apple cider vinegar because my local store was out of white wine vinegar. I have also heard that you can use rice vinegar, and some people use plain white vinegar.

Okay, here is what you need:

  • Jar
  • Vinegar
  • Peppers
  • Carrots (Optional)
  • Garlic (Optional)

First wash your peppers. You can leave the stems on, or take them off. I left mine on. Then cut a slit in each pepper. I cut a slice into the tip of each pepper. This will allow the vinegar to easily get into the pepper. Dice up your garlic and carrots. Toss everything into your jar. Bring your vinegar to a boil and pour over your peppers. Let sit for about a week and they are ready to eat!

The carrots are delicious. I give my jar a shake once a day, but I’m sure it’s not necessary. If you don’t eat your peppers, you can just add more vinegar and use the peppers over again until they’re no longer spicy enough for your taste. Many people say they can use one jar of peppers for a year.