You Must Try This Creamy Flan!

This recipe my husband chose and it was so good we had to make it twice! This is a traditional flan, and it only takes a few ingredients. This recipe is so simple you can make it for any occasion.  If you keep a pantry stocked for baking, you probably have everything you need.

Prep time for this dessert is about 10 minutes and it takes about an hour to bake.

The ingredients for the flan:

  • eggs
  • evaporated milk
  • condensed milk
  • sugar
  • vanilla
  • salt

You will need a 9 inch glass pie plate and a dish large enough to place it in a water bath while baking. Once you’re done baking the flan, your serving dish will need to be large enough to turn it onto.  I found that I needed to run a knife around the edge of the pie plate before turning the flan out onto the serving tray.

\During my first attempt my sugar turned a beautiful caramel color, but tasted a little burnt.  On my second attempt, I didn’t cook my sugar as long, removing it from the heat at a light golden color, and it tasted great.

This dessert didn’t last more than a couple of days at my house. It’s so decadent, it just melts in your mouth.  I haven’t tried making this in individual servings.  If you have any suggestions for making flan, leave me a comment!