The 3 P’s of Winter

It’s that time of year where the cold weather begins to take a toll on things. In the rush of bundling kids and getting ready for the holidays don’t forget your 3 P’s of winter.


Pets should never be left outdoors without shelter from the weather. Remember to bring your furry friends indoors or create a cozy shelter for them to remain outside.

We have a few outside cats. They’re just a step up from being wild. We always make a cheap shelter for them to stay warm in the winter.

Last year we used scrap wood to build a small house and used an old cushion and old shirts to make bedding. It was a great way to repurpose old things. Plus we didn’t feel bad about disposing of it when it got too dirty.

This year we bought a tote, a pillow and a shaggy bathroom rug. We lined the inside of the tote with the inside stuffing from the pillow and put the rug in the bottom. Then cut a hole just big enough for the cats to get inside. They seem to love it. It’s great that we can easily take the lid off and clean the inside. Use this link for Top Pet Products and get your pets ready for winter.


Don’t forget to wrap your pipes! I have lived in this house for eight years and never had a pipe burst until last year. I think it’s because we had the house re-leveled and raised up. We live in a house that was build around 1940 and sits on blocks.

I guess when it was closer to the ground it stayed warmer. Last winter we had multiple pipes burst. It was horrible because we had lots of rain and it was so wet and muddy we had to wait for it to dry up to get under the house. We stayed in a hotel for a few days because the water was turned off.

Point being, it was a huge inconvenience and expense that could have been avoided. This year we wrapped the pipes as soon as we had cold weather in the forecast. Now that it’s done, I’m assuming it will last for quite some time.


I have had a vegetable garden, with a few flowers, for several years now. One thing I have learned is to cover my plants. I use repurposed material from old bed sheets, blankets or clothing to cover my plants. This provided insulation to keep them warm. Then I wrap them a second time with plastic to prevent the frost from getting on them.

It doesn’t do your plants any good to be covered if the fabric is getting wet, and plastic alone doesn’t keep them from freezing.

Depending on the heartiness of the plant you may want to cover them even before it’s actually freezing. I have had plants that were damaged by cold and rain in the low 40’s, so I try to protect them even if it’s not technically freezing yet.

I love Texas, but we have crazy weather! This year the rain and cold has seemed to come early. I’m thankful we were prepared to protect our pets, pipes and plants. Finding simple solutions to protect is much better than the alternatives. I’m always looking for new ideas, so tell me how you protect your home for the winter!