Christmas Bucket List

img_3793During my Pinterest searching I found a few clever Advent calendars and Christmas counts downs. I really liked the idea of counting down the days with the kids, but there wasn’t one that was really perfect for me. I saved a few to a Christmas board and decided to create my own 25 Days of Christmas Countdown.

I saved about 3-5 Christmas Countdowns on Pinterest. After getting some great ideas, I put together my own list. I wanted a combination of family activities, simple crafts and ways of giving back. I didn’t put them in any specific order at first. I just jotted down my 25 ideas.


Then I sorted through the ones that required me to buy things and made my purchases. I wanted to make sure they would arrive in time for each activity. Once I organized my daily activities, I used a poster board to create my count down. I wanted to hang it on the wall for the kids to see and check off each day until Christmas.

I can’t wait for them to see it! I will definitely be posting pictures on Instagram of our Countdown!

Here are my 25 Days of Christmas:

  1.  Color Advent Calendar
  2. Make Christmas Ornaments
  3. Write Santa a Letter
  4. Donate to Food Pantry
  5. Make Christmas Cards
  6. Watch Christmas Movies
  7. Read Christmas Book
  8. Go Ice Skating
  9. Cut Snow Flakes
  10. Donate Toys to Charity
  11. Build Ginger Bread House
  12. Bake Cookies
  13. DIY Snow Globes
  14. Random Act of Kindness
  15. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
  16. Make Hot Coco
  17. Roast Marshmallows
  18. Try Eggnog
  19. Make Paper Chain
  20. Visit Nursing Home
  21. Slumber Party Under Tree
  22. Donate to Animal Shelter
  23. Make Christmas Gifts
  24. Wear Christmas Socks
  25. Sing Christmas Carols