Ebates VS Ibotta (Updated)

I jumped into using several (four) rebate apps a few months ago. I had no idea what they were about, but decided to learn as I went. After reading a few reviews in the App Store, I didn’t have a real feel (good or bad) for what my experience would be like. The four apps I chose to use are Ebates, Ibotta, Swagbucks and APay. Today I’m going to quickly give you the basics of Ebates and Ibotta, and compare the quality of the two.

What to Know About Ebates

With Ebates you earn cash back with in-store and online purchases. First open the Ebates app and choose which store you want to shop with. If you are shopping online, it will redirect you to the website. It’s great that the coupon codes are also available at the top right. If you want to shop in-store, link your cards and select the rebate you want to use.

When selecting your online store, the information about the store’s cash back policy is readily available. I have found Ebates to be the easiest app to use and their customer service is great. I had one purchase that I didn’t receive my cash back. I contacted customer service and provided the confirmation email of my purchase and they quickly added my cash back to my account.

Their refer-a friend program is great because everyone that joins receives a $10 bonus! You also receive a bonus when someone uses your referral code. Cash back is paid out 4 times a year via PayPal or check. I chose PayPal and loved how quickly I received my money on the payout date.

What to Know About Ibotta

There are two ways to use Ibotta. With Ibotta you can save on everyday grocery and household items, which is awesome. Select the offers you want, then make your in-store purchases. Once you have your receipt, take a picture of it to earn your cash back. I find that it doesn’t locate all the offers and I have to add them before completing my redemption. Sometimes I am also required to scan the item for proof-of-purchase. I have found the scan feature lacking and often have to type in the code.

You can also receive cash back for online shopping. Simply open the Ibotta app and choose your store. You will then be redirected to the store’s website. Once your items have shipped, you will receive your cash back. Their customer service responded quickly to my questions and were helpful in resolving an issue with missing cash back.

Ibotta’s refer-a-friend program also offers a $10 bonus when your friends join with your referral code, and you earn a bonus as well. To receive your cash back you can use PayPal, Venmo or receive a variety of gift cards. You only have to reach $20 to cash out. Ibotta also offers bonuses for completing certain purchases, like receiving an extra $.50 when you earn $10 and redeem 10 offers. You can add friends to your team to collect bonuses.

So What’s better, Ebates or Ibotta?

Ibotta is unique in that it saves you money on groceries and household items, in addiction to online shopping. I do prefer Ebates when making most of my online purchases. Ebates allows you to save on certain in-store purchases.

In general, it has been my experience that the Ebates app works better than the Ibotta app. However, Ibotta you can cash out your rebates as soon as you reach the $20 minimum, unlike Ebates that only pays out on scheduled dates.

If you haven’t tried Ebates or Ibotta, I recommend giving them both a try. I have been using both and love them. Before I make an online purchase, I check to see which one has the better offer. I definitely recommend using them both for maximum savings.

If you combine these apps with the APay app you can get even more cash back! To find out how, join me Tuesday for my next post.

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