How to increase your cash back with APay

I joined APay when I bought a band card from my son. It kind of spurred me to jump into using other rebate apps as well. After trying them for a couple of months I have concluded that they all have their benefits. It just depends on what you’re looking for. One trick I found is to use APay in conjunction with another rebate app to save more money.

APay offers a nice rebate on online and in-store purchases. You simply use the app to purchase a gift card for the store you’re shopping at and use it to pay for your items. Then your cash back is applied to your APay account. Once you reach the minimum amount of $25, you can use it to purchase other gift cards.

It is a little disappointing that you can only receive your rebate in this form. I do prefer to the option other apps offer of cashing it out to my PayPal. However, I like that I can choose what percentage of my rebate goes to my affiliate organization. With this app the school band, and I share cash back on items that I would ordinarily be purchasing anyway!

The app is set to share 50% of your reward with the affiliate organization, but you can adjust it from your account settings. You can also save 2 credit/debit cards to use for purchasing gift cards through APay. Now, onto the part you really want to know about, how to increase your rebate!

To increase your cash back, make your purchase through an app like Ebates, Ibotta or Swagbucks. When you get to checkout purchase a gift card through APay for that store. When you check out use the gift card to receive cash back through both rebate apps. There is the potential to double your rebate depending on the rebate amount offered by each app.

For example, I use Ebates to buy something from Carter’s and earn 5% cash back. I use a gift card from APay and earn 5% cash back. That’s a 10% rebate. If you use my link to join any of the mentioned rebate apps, you will receive a $10 bonus!

Simply copy and paste this link,, into your browser. You can also just go to and use my user code, c_qPgkLJXn. 

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  1. Interesting–always good to save some cash–thanks! Don’t know if Apay operates in Canada but eBates does and we take advantage of it. BTW: if you subscribe to my blog, e-mails did not get sent out due to some glitch from WordPress, so please visit the site for yesterdays post: Marvellous Mini Meat Loaves (Gluten-Free). Thanks!
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