Best Kids Hair Products

My 4 boys all have different hair types, and I believe I have tried almost every hair product available. My oldest has very dry, coarse hair. My second child has soft curls. My third son has thicker, slightly coarser curls. My 4th son has soft, straight hair. (He got that from me. Haha.). Here are a few of the hair products that I have found are worth keeping on my shelf.

Suave Kids Gentle and Free is one of my favorite shampoos. Although it doesn’t have any smell, it cleans hair without drying out their hair or scalp. I have used this shampoo with all of my boys, and had no problems. Boy #2 has eczema, particularly behind his ears, and this shampoo didn’t irritate his skin.

My favorite shampoo and body wash combination for kids hands down is Aveeno Baby Gentle Wash and Shampoo. Aveeno products are designed to nourish their skin. It is another product that has been great for everyone, including the one with eczema. It’s great to be able to grab one product for hair and body. No one wants to be fumbling with multiple bottles while bathing squirming babies or kids.

Since Boy #3 got lice in pre-kindergarten, I have been using SoCozy Boo Lice Prevention Spray on my kids. So far no complaints! It has a peppermint type of smell and is a fine mist I apply in the mornings when I style their hair. This product is great to condition and de-tangle hair while keeping those pesky critters away.

These products are great for kids. I enjoy them because they are gentle on sensitive skin and are high quality products at a great price. I have tried so many brands of varying price ranges and have found these to be my favorites.