Pennies for Patients Fundraiser

Well I didn’t plan on posting about the kid’s fundraiser today, but I have just been drawing a blank. There are so many things I like to write about or want to write about, but the words haven’t been pouring out like I want them to.

So instead of lingering too much on feeling stuck, I wanted to share Luke and Logan’s fundraiser. I shared the link yesterday, but didn’t really say much.

Their elementary school does a yearly fundraiser for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Pennies for Patients is such a great fundraiser for the little kids because they love collecting loose change from everyone. I really love it because it doesn’t feel like as much pressure as the other fundraisers.

The boys have a $100/each goal, but they will be happy with whatever amount we collect. They would be super excited to reach at least the $50 goal so they can earn a participant tee shirt.

Here is Luke’s link:

I will share Logan’s link on Tuesday’s post. Please help them reach their goal. If you can’t donate drop an encouraging comment and I will share them with the kiddos.