Classroom Valentine Ideas

Well Valentine’s Day is almost here. I debated on discussing this holiday since I’m not feeling very motivated. I really enjoy it, but I always push it to the back of my mind.

  • This is how holidays occur for me:
    1 month later, 1st Boy Birthday
    2 weeks later, Valentines Day
    2 days later, 2nd boy Birthday

My oldest and second child’s birthdays are 16 days apart. Valentine’s day is 2 days before 2nd boy’s birthday. So I’m in Birthday mode while everyone else is feeling romantic. It’s a lot of work having birthdays so close together.

Anyway, I love Pinterest, and due to my amazing ability to procrastinate, I usually find great ideas there instead of inventing my own. So the pinning began for V-Day, and I narrowed down my top 3 favorites for class Valentines. Without further ado, here they are:

This one can be found here:

This one has become my favorite. I don’t usually let my kids have Kool-Aid, so it’s a unique Valentine without being candy. (I’m not saying it’s any healthier.) I feel like it’s a great treat that they can enjoy during the party, or take home, which is a win either way. I think the overall look of the red juice and cute tag just won me over.

This one can be found here:

I really like this one as a healthy Valentine choice. The kids love Cuties, and it’s so simple. Especially with a convenient printable! You can always jazz it up by using a valentines print treat bag instead of the clear one, or using a cute red ribbon.

This one can be found here:

It’s basically the same as my first choice, but in a pouch instead of the squeezable Kool-Aid. I like the colorful tag, but didn’t want to try getting them onto the straws, which always seem to get lost anyway.

No matter which design is right for you, don’t forget to grab:

I will definitely post a picture of mine on Instagram, so if you’re not following me, you should @motherconfessions. I already have my tags printed and cut out. I just need the Kool-Aid and ribbon/string.

If you’re looking for a cute idea for your classroom, or kid’s Valentines, these are perfect! You can find these, and more Valentine’s Day ideas by following me on Pinterest @motherconfessions. Look for my board: V-Day.


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  1. How cute. Never thought of looking on Pinterest for Valentines Day ideas. I need to check it out as I give my customers little items with their orders and need some new ideas.

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