Valentine’s Day Breakfast

I spent some down time searching my favorite place for inspiration. You got it, Pinterest! I came across this post: (pictured above)

I really loved this idea and can’t wait to make it for my little family. I am going to use strawberries instead of raspberries. Simply because that’s what my crew likes. The donuts I’m going to get from the local donut shop, so that just leaves the pancakes and muffins to make. I’m going to use the blueberry muffin recipe I found a couple of months ago. I am also going to use my heart shaped cookie cutters to make heart shaped pancakes.

It’s all very simple, but I think it is going to look really beautiful on the table with some Valentine’s Day decor. The link above is much more detailed, but I think I can recreate a very nice version. I will definitely post pictures on Instagram! If you have any other ideas for an easy, but cute, Valentine’s breakfast, drop a comment!

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