Pre-Thoughts on the R. Kelly Interview

Let me start by saying that I have not read or watched any of the victim’s interviews regarding Kelly. I do know that there are allegations of abuse and relationships with underage girls.

The past few days I have listened to short clips on the radio from Kelly’s interview with Gayle King. My interest is piqued. I am kinda getting interested in hearing more about what is going on. The thing that caught my attention may be kind of morbid.

I have talked about having been in a bad relationship before I met my husband. That relationship was abusive. I learned that there are things that now trigger my fight or flight response. When I recognize that trigger I have to learn how to overcome my reaction to the situation.

Everyone is praising Gayle King for how well she handled the interview. From the small portion I have heard, I must agree. I also know that it could be very hard to watch. I want to see what my reaction will be.

People who have experienced domestic violence subconsciously learn cues from their abuser to alert them that they are in danger. It can be words, facial expressions, body movements; anything. It’s things the aggressive person probably doesn’t even know they are doing.

I don’t know this man, and I can’t tell what the truth is. I just want to challenge myself to watch this interview to form my own opinion. To see what type of vibe I get from him. I want to see how Gayle handles it. It’s not easy to sit with someone who is losing control of their emotions.