My Thoughts on R. Kelly

So I watched some of the R. Kelly interview. Here are my thoughts. Let me begin by saying that this is simply my opinion.

I believe that these women engaged in a relationship with Kelly believing that they would benefit from his fame. Many of their grievances reminded me of the requirements at the Playboy mansion. While extreme it seemed that they were willing to pay the price for the benefits of living the rich and famous life style.

I won’t deny that still some of the accusations are extremely disturbing. My perception of the interview lead me to believe that despite his words of denial, Kelly is guilty of mistreating the women in his life.

Was it extreme enough to be criminal? I don’t know. Were these women victims or were they willing participants, until it no longer benefitted them? I don’t know.

There could be some truth to his claim that once his relationships were over these women believed that this course of action would get them the public attention they wanted. Having a voice as a victim means many things, but it doesn’t require the publicity these people are getting.

Regardless of guilt or innocence; is it possible that all parties are handling this issue the wrong way? Absolutely.