The Amateur Homeschool Mom

When my older two boys were little I really wanted to homeschool, but had convinced myself that it wouldn’t work. Throughout the last few years I again considered homeschooling, but pushed it out of my mind. Half way through this school year I found myself contemplating it yet again. I had so many reasons why I wanted to try it, but I felt so uncertain.

I decided to do a little research and found the Texas Home School Coalition Association. There I found everything I needed to know about getting started with homeschooling in my state. They offered so many resources, benefits and information. I joined THSC and followed their 7 steps to getting started. I had made up my mind to homeschool my second son who was struggling.

Through first grade he struggled with reading. The school never contacted me with any concerns so I assumed they had a plan. At the end of the year I contacted them with the idea of holding him back. He repeated first grade and it seemed to help a lot.

Now he’s almost done with 3rd grade, but his grades were dropping and his behavior was too. I had spoke to his homeroom teacher once. I had spoke to his counselor once. Finally I had a meeting with the principal, VP and counselor together. I just wasn’t satisfied with their methods. I felt like he needed one-on-one help; in a place where he could stay focused as move at his own pace.

Using the guidance of THSC, I was able to find everything I needed. We are currently in week 2 of homeschooling and it’s going good so far! I will have to tell you more about the resources I found later.


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