The Hygiene War

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As a mother of 4 boys I feel like I am fighting a war on hygiene. We teach them how to brush their teeth, bathe themselves, wipe their own butts, and whatever else they need to do. I am just baffled at the messiness of little boys. When does it end?!?

My oldest is a clean freak. He insists on keeping himself and his room spotless. My second is reasonably clean as well. He likes to get dirty outside, so my battle with him is all about stained laundry and keeping his room clean. Why is there trash under your bed?!? Why are the clean clothes on the floor?!? These are the questions I ask daily. It’s still nothing compared to my youngest two. These little two boys are going to make me lose my mind. My third son will hoard dirty socks in his bed, put dirty clothes back into his dresser, and throw dirty laundry anywhere he takes them off. My youngest is good about keeping his area clean.

My real complaint, frustration, bafflement is the underwear. It’s the one battle in this war on hygiene that I can’t seem to win. I swear they don’t even bother to wipe. I have actually thrown underwear away because I was not going to put that grossness in my washing machine. We have taught them how to wipe. We have repeatedly discussed the importance of keeping our body clean. I have even gone as far as putting them in time out when they blatantly tell me they didn’t wipe. Its so gross. When I ask why I just get and “I don’t know”. The third child doesn’t care that he is supposed to perform this task, but will get mad when someone tells him he stinks. The little one makes more of an effort but just doesn’t do a good job.

I never had this issue with my older two. Maybe it’s their age, 6 and 4. I am just out of parenting ideas at this point. Any suggestions? Is it worth trying something else or just stay the course? IDK. Am I making a big deal out of nothing? I don’t want my kids to be the stinky gross kids.


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  1. I have a 12 year old boy who still doesn’t wipe if he doesn’t feel like it, then just rolls his eyes when I tell him he stinks. Go figure. They’ll grow up eventually–we hope.

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