Hotel Must Haves

After another weekend getaway I decided to share my “must have” amenities of a hotel. These are the common things I look for when booking for a trip. I find that as a mom of 4 these make our stay more comfortable. I’m so into this routine I usually begin my search with these features even when I travel without kids.

  • Free parking – I mean who wants to pay for parking? Although if it wasn’t overly expensive and made my life easier, I might pay for parking. Looking for free parking also helps keep a trip within budget. I like to spend my money elsewhere.
  • Free WiFi – We have unlimited data on our phones and rarely bring the laptop, but it lets the kids play on their devices. We limit screen time and severely monitor and restrict internet usage, but we do bring the DS/IPad/Switch with us on many trips. So occasionally they may get to play while we are at the hotel.
  • Free breakfast – This is another great way to save money when on a trip. Not only do we enjoy the breakfast, but I stock up on cereal, fruit, and yogurt from the breakfast bar to use as in room snacks. These boys are always hungry!
  • Smart TV – I recently realized the benefits of my hotel having a smart TV. We all know the channels available stink. I loved that I could log into My Netflix/Hulu and let the kids watch appropriate shows.
  • USB ports – I have outlets with USB ports throughout my house so I never can find the one that came with my phone/device charger. I find it really convenient when a room has the lamps/ports with USB plugs. Let’s list all the possible chargers I may bring: 2 iPhone chargers, 2 sketcher shoe chargers, iPad charger, 4 DS chargers…… It gets a little ridiculous honestly. I really want the convenience of pulling my charger out of the car and plugging it into the bedside port.
  • Refrigerator/Microwave – Did I mention my kids are always hungry? Well they are; except when you plan to feed them. So a place to store and reheat snacks/leftovers from a restaurant are a necessity.
  • Sofa Bed – This one is really important. We are a family of 6 and I don’t want to book 2 hotel rooms. My kids range from 4-12 and I wouldn’t feel safe with any of them in another room. So we book rooms with 2 queen beds and a sofa bed. That will sleep a family of 6 and again, keep the trip affordable.
  • Indoor Pool – If I’m going to spend $100’s a night on a hotel room, I want a pool. My kids love to swim and it’s a great activity that doesn’t involve TV or video games during the down time of the trip.
  • Large bathroom – I don’t want to be standing in front of the toilet and shower at the same time. I need room! There is nothing more annoying for a mother to bathe/change your child in a tiny, cramped bathroom.
  • Premium Bedding – everyone claims they have it, and pictures may deceive you! I hate scratchy thin blankets, flat pillows and lumpy mattresses. I pay for a higher priced hotel for the amenities and I expect a comfortable bed. If I can’t sleep, momma is gonna be cranky the whole trip!
  • Iron/ironing board – sometimes I’m a lazy packer and shove it all in a bag, sometimes I didn’t iron it before we left, other times it just got wrinkled on the way. Either way, I like to keep my family looking nice, and an iron is sometimes necessary.
  • Sitting room & desk – I don’t want just one feature. With so many people and 4 of the being children, I need the space for them to sit and eat or do activities.
  • Smoke free rooms – I have one child with asthma and in general the smell is awful. Smoke free rooms are. Requirement to keep from triggering an asthma attack.

  • There are also features I really appreciate if available in conjunction with my “must haves”.
    • Washer/Dryer
      Evening Reception
      Restaurant in the hotel or next door
      Coffee Shop
      In room safe
      Tour/ticket assistance
    • Late check out (without a fee)
    • Room service
      Airport shuttle

    I know I’m asking for a lot but I’ve learned that looking for these amenities makes a trip with kids so much easier! What do you look for in a hotel?


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    1. I don’t think your expectations are unreasonable–my wife and I look for the same things for the mostpart although our son is now an adult and no longer travels with us, so things for kids is not an issue. BTW: I usually find what I’m looking for on and sometimes at great prices–only been disappointed once with the hotels we’ve booked to date using these sites. Hopefully our good fortune will continue as I’ve booked a place we need to stay at during our upcoming move. Keeping my fingers crossed LOL!

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