1 Month Homeschooling

So I began homeschooling my second child mid March. He was struggling in school and I really didn’t want him to fail or be held back again. I had him held back in 1st grade because he struggled with reading. Today I wanted to talk about how this past month of homeschooling went.

I chose Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool as his main curriculum and jumped into it. With a variety of issues, I knew our school days were going to be unique and I was trying to prepare myself for anything.

I started that first week by giving him a series of assessment test to get an idea of what he knew. He rushed through them and failed every test I gave him. I wasn’t surprised, but I was disappointed.

I was hoping that he would go into this with an open mind, positive attitude and eagerness to learn. On many days what I get is the complete opposite.

Since I really didn’t know what he had or hadn’t learned this year, I started the curriculum at the beginning. I learned that he is way behind on spelling and struggles to read but knows his grammar and math.

So I accelerated the coverage of grammar and math and he will finish those topics on time! I’m very proud of him for that. When he makes an effort he can exhibit that he knows the material. The difficulty is getting him to do the work!

He complains everyday about reading but he is about to finish the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. We completed a unit on poetry and are about to complete a unit on fables. Next week he will start the audio book on Heidi. This is all part of the EP Level 3 curriculum, but I feel good about the amount of reading material he will cover in such a short time.

We have not covered as much spelling as I hoped, but he has passed his spelling test every week with 90% or higher. Which is great considering that in public school he was failing every test.

I was so excited to start homeschooling and wanted to include so many things. I had included a variety of extra topics outside of the EP curriculum into my lessons. That first week I learned that, at least for now, we needed to focus on the core subjects and limit extra work.

Easy Peasy includes science, history, bible and a variety of other subjects into the program that, for us, are not required. We basically stay in alignment with EP, but I occasionally substitute some things.

His basic day is the Texas required subjects: Reading, Spelling, Grammar, Math and Citizenship (basically civics). Then we cover the EP science, bible and history. For “electives” he is learning cursive, chess and typing.

I am happy to say that at this rate he will complete the school year on time and pass with great grades! It’s like pulling teeth to get there, but I am so happy with my decision.


3 thoughts on “1 Month Homeschooling

  1. I give you so much credit! I’m not a teacher in any way, shape or form so the idea of homeschooling is…😶 But how great that you have that option and hopefully it will get easier (or not as many teeth pulled.😉).

  2. Congratulations! As a homeschool mom myself, I can say that some days will be harder than others…It’s great to celebrate the victories and you have this wonderfully encouraging post to look back on when things are tough.

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