I Hated Letgo

I tried Letgo about a year ago and I hated it. I saw an ad on Instagram today and it reminded me of the horrible experience so I decided to post my humble opinion.

My husband had Letgo way before I did but he didn’t really use it. It was more of something he scrolled through when bored.

I had seen so many ads that made it look great and finally decided to try it. I posted a lot of stuff that I had but never sold any of it. I think the reason was because there is a constant stream of people posting things and it’s really difficult to find what you’re looking for.

I figured someone must be making sales so let’s tuff it out for awhile and maybe I will get used to it. My biggest pet peeve was that it was literally like the worst yard sale ever. I’m not joking when I say it was like a crackhead’s yard sale. People were selling dirty, useless stuff. People were selling bongs, half used vape cartridges, basically anything. There was no quality to anything on it. I don’t know if it’s better for people in other areas or what. Needles to say, after a few months I deleted the app and have never looked back.

I think that in theory it’s a great idea to use an app to sell used things. Especially since I don’t want to join a bunch of Facebook groups to sell and I don’t want to deal with an actual yard sale. However, I have had better success selling on Facebook than I did on Letgo.

Have you tried Letgo? What was your experience like? Drop a comment and let me know! After all, it has been at least a year…maybe it’s gotten better?