Getting Rid of the Jalopy

In 2008 I bought a really nice Hyundai Elantra. It was used, but still under warranty, had a sun roof and was as clean as a brand new car.

It was the best car I’ve ever owned. That blue Elantra was at just under 300,000 miles, and I knew the timing belt needed to be changed. I kept putting it off, and it broke one morning on my way home from work.

The crazy thing was there was an individual with severe mental illness. As I walked past her she blew a puff of air on me. “Poof, black magic” she said. I jokingly told my coworkers that if I died today she was the reason. Morbid, I know. The sense of humor just goes with working in law enforcement.

Anyway the rest of the shift went great and at 6 am I headed home. I got a mile down the road and that’s all she wrote for my little blue jalopy. She’s been sitting in my yard for 2 years to my dismay. I didn’t want to sink any money into her because the interior was awful. I hated to scrap her because she had been such a great car. If I had done better maintenance on her, she would have lasted a lot longer.

So after 11 years together, 2 of which sitting, I decided that I would donate her to Vehicles for Veterans. I’m happy to know that she is benefiting someone. I chose Vehicles for Veterans because our veterans deserve all the help they can get. So, to whom ever my jalopy benefits: I want to say Thank You for your service.