Leaving Amazon Affiliates

I tried Amazon Affiliate and here is why I am no longer a part of it.

There are a lot of good reasons to join the Amazon Affiliate program. I didn’t find anything wrong with it or a reason why you shouldn’t use it on your own blog. However, for me I felt like absolutely everything is trying to get you to sell. I don’t want my page to be over run with ads and selling things. I want to talk about anything that interests me, but I want my readers to feel confident that my posts are honest and aren’t just ads.

Let’s look at some of the things I have written about:

  • Smile Direct
  • Ebates (now Rakuten)
  • Swagbucks
  • Ibotta
  • Subscription Boxes

I’m sure the list goes on. I try each product for my own pleasure. I share my link because I want to say “hey if you want to try this too here is a discount”; but I don’t want to just sell, sell, sell.

If you look at so many pages, including moly own, so much of it is literally some form of ad. They’re reviewing a product and offering a link to try, there are website ads, there are amazon links and ads, there are personal products to purchase….. It’s just too much.

So in an attempt to clean up another on to the way I want it to be I’m going to go back and edit my previous posts. I may also change some settings. I’m no longer affiliated with Amazon, so I’m assuming those links no longer work. I will be removing those. In the future, I’m going to limit the posts I share with referral links. I’m also going to wok on my Shop With Me page.

Ultimately, I want to you come to my blog because you’re interested in what I’m writing. If I’m talking about a product that has a referral link; know it’s an honest review. I am not posting just for a benefit. Know that my Shop With Me page is my method of funding my little blog site. I’m not trying to make a career from Motherconfessions, but I do appreciate the income that does comes in from sharing my random thoughts.


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