Reorganization and Goal Setting

This past year I have had to make some really hard life decisions. Through that, I have learned that I procrastinate to avoid dealing with change. I am so scared of making the wrong choice that I don’t make a choice at all. Isn’t that crazy? I am essentially giving my control away!

I have made a plan to help me be more structured. One thing I am trying to do is set myself a morning routine. It’s nothing fancy, just getting up a littler earlier to fix a cup of coffee and start my day in prayer. Maybe it will evolve into something more elaborate, but for now this is a good place to start.

I’m going to use my strengths to be more focused. I am a list maker and I have to write everything down 100 times. So, I am going to use my calendar/planner/organizer/journal to stay organized and give myself deadlines. I couldn’t find one that really fit my needs, so I printed free pages that I found on Pinterest and put them in a binder.

I’m going to take time for self care. I need the down time, but never set aside time for me. This year it’s going to happen even if I have to pencil it into my schedule! I think the morning routine is also a part of this because it’s something I want to do before everyone else is awake. Just me and the quiet.

Stick with me guys! Let’s reevaluate how I’m doing April 1st. I am setting goals and working toward them. 😁😁😁


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