Charm for Finding Love!

🔮A few quick thoughts for this Tuesday afternoon. 🔮

Let me begin by saying this is not my charm! I found it on Pinterest and you can use the link to learn more.

Now, wether you take these things seriously or not, that’s up to you. I think the mind is a powerful tool and how you use it is what is important. If you’re ready to find that special someone this may be the right charm for you. If you do try it, drop a comment or shoot me an email and let me know how it worked for you! Honestly, I would love to know. 💕

On another note, Valentine’s Day is approaching and so many people are searching for love or choosing the best way to express their love. If you’re searching for love I recommend starting with self love. If you’re looking to express your love to someone, making it personal and unique is the way to go. Skip the stereotypical roses snd chocolate!


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