Blogging on Saturday

I've done a lot of reading on blogging and many articles have said that Saturday is a bad day for posting. I think the general idea is that people are entertained on the weekend and won't read your post. Many suggest that posting during the week is better. That readers are scrolling through their phone … Continue reading Blogging on Saturday

5 Tools You May Not Know About

Great tips! I’ve slowly learned about these features on my own. I didn’t know about the password protection though. This is a must read for beginners.

Discover WordPress

New to Or been around for a while? If you poke around your settings, you may be surprised to come upon features you didn’t know existed! Here are five tools and settings that you may not know about.

“Stick” a blog post to your front page

If you have a blog, your posts are displayed in reverse chronological order on your homepage, with your latest post at the top. Sometimes you may want to showcase a specific post or resurface an old favorite; in this case, you can “stick” the post to your front page so it stays at the top. Some themes use special styling for sticky posts, so try it out on your site to see how it looks. (And don’t forget to unstick the post when you’d like to remove it from the spotlight!)

To mark a post as “sticky,” look to the right of your…

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My Thoughts on R. Kelly

So I watched some of the R. Kelly interview. Here are my thoughts. Let me begin by saying that this is simply my opinion. I believe that these women engaged in a relationship with Kelly believing that they would benefit from his fame. Many of their grievances reminded me of the requirements at the Playboy … Continue reading My Thoughts on R. Kelly

Pre-Thoughts on the R. Kelly Interview

Let me start by saying that I have not read or watched any of the victim's interviews regarding Kelly. I do know that there are allegations of abuse and relationships with underage girls. The past few days I have listened to short clips on the radio from Kelly's interview with Gayle King. My interest is … Continue reading Pre-Thoughts on the R. Kelly Interview