Charm for Finding Love! šŸ”®A few quick thoughts for this Tuesday afternoon. šŸ”® Let me begin by saying this is not my charm! I found it on Pinterest and you can use the link to learn more. Now, wether you take these things seriously or not, that's up to you. I think the mind is a powerful tool … Continue reading Charm for Finding Love!


Welcome 2020!

So I've completely ignored Mother Confessions for a long time. I've debated deleting it completely. I'm all over the place and just generally disorganized. However, I'm going to jump into 2020 with some new ideas, new style and hopefully be more committed. I'm going to schedule some time for evaluating how I'm doing and planning … Continue reading Welcome 2020!

Don’t Forget Mother’s Day

I can't really say that I put much effort into Mother's Day.  However, you shouldn't forget it either.  Once we are adults it's easy to get busy with life and we forget to make time for our parents.  I know I don't spend as much time with mine as they deserve.   Mother's Day has … Continue reading Don’t Forget Mother’s Day

What Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day

  I think gift giving can be a little intimidating, particularly for Valentine's Day.Ā  There is so much hype about finding the perfect gift.Ā  For my husband and I, we don't usually spend a lot of money on Valentine's Day.Ā  He is amazing at "just because" gifts, and they mean more to me than a … Continue reading What Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day

Valentineā€™s Day Breakfast

I spent some down time searching my favorite place for inspiration. You got it, Pinterest! I came across this post: (pictured above) I really loved this idea and can't wait to make it for my little family. I am going to use strawberries instead of raspberries. Simply because that's what my crew likes. The … Continue reading Valentineā€™s Day Breakfast