I’m not “Me”

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com[/caption]I'm not me. I haven't been in a really long time, if I ever really was completely "Me". I know who I am. I learned that long ago. Nothing in this life has been easy. Most of it has barely been good. I've mostly just lived to get through the … Continue reading I’m not “Me”

He’s Worth It: Part 2 of Us

(Our First Selfie Together) So I met my husband and we had been spending time together, but how did it become "we" and "us"? Well it happened really quickly and kinda naturally. It wasn't something I really thought about. After a couple weeks, we were finally spending time together, just us, and we just fit … Continue reading He’s Worth It: Part 2 of Us

How It All Began: Part 1 of Us

To keep the spirit of Valentine's Day alive, I decided on a whim to write about my husband and me. Our relationship has been all over the spectrum of love, anger, happy and sad. To say the least I love this man more than I ever thought I could. Our story is a hot mess. … Continue reading How It All Began: Part 1 of Us