Shop With Me – Coming Soon!

Check out my new boutique page here on Motherconfessions. Look for "Shop With Me" on the navigation menu. Right now I am still working out the kinks, but hope to have the page running correctly by by the end of the week. Inventory is currently very limited, but I have new items to add very … Continue reading Shop With Me – Coming Soon!

Blogging on Saturday

I've done a lot of reading on blogging and many articles have said that Saturday is a bad day for posting. I think the general idea is that people are entertained on the weekend and won't read your post. Many suggest that posting during the week is better. That readers are scrolling through their phone … Continue reading Blogging on Saturday

My Thoughts on R. Kelly

So I watched some of the R. Kelly interview. Here are my thoughts. Let me begin by saying that this is simply my opinion. I believe that these women engaged in a relationship with Kelly believing that they would benefit from his fame. Many of their grievances reminded me of the requirements at the Playboy … Continue reading My Thoughts on R. Kelly