Summer Approaching!

I have a love hate relations with summer for many reasons. Regardless I still get excited when I know it's almost that time of year. I love having the kids home and all the things we get to do. I have that I sunburn so easily and that the kids start to drive me crazy. … Continue reading Summer Approaching!


Hotel Must Haves

After another weekend getaway I decided to share my "must have" amenities of a hotel. These are the common things I look for when booking for a trip. I find that as a mom of 4 these make our stay more comfortable. I'm so into this routine I usually begin my search with these features … Continue reading Hotel Must Haves

Don’t Forget Mother’s Day

I can't really say that I put much effort into Mother's Day.  However, you shouldn't forget it either.  Once we are adults it's easy to get busy with life and we forget to make time for our parents.  I know I don't spend as much time with mine as they deserve.   Mother's Day has … Continue reading Don’t Forget Mother’s Day