Summer Approaching!

I have a love hate relations with summer for many reasons. Regardless I still get excited when I know it's almost that time of year. I love having the kids home and all the things we get to do. I have that I sunburn so easily and that the kids start to drive me crazy. … Continue reading Summer Approaching!


1 Month Homeschooling

So I began homeschooling my second child mid March. He was struggling in school and I really didn't want him to fail or be held back again. I had him held back in 1st grade because he struggled with reading. Today I wanted to talk about how this past month of homeschooling went. I chose … Continue reading 1 Month Homeschooling

Hotel Must Haves

After another weekend getaway I decided to share my "must have" amenities of a hotel. These are the common things I look for when booking for a trip. I find that as a mom of 4 these make our stay more comfortable. I'm so into this routine I usually begin my search with these features … Continue reading Hotel Must Haves