Help Gregory Raise Money for MJHS

Gregory's school is participating in a fundraiser through the School Store. Please use his link to help his teacher buy things they need for their class. There are so many ways the School Store makes it easy to help. There are 3 ways: 1. Donate a Caring for Classrooms Gift Card 2. Shop in the … Continue reading Help Gregory Raise Money for MJHS

Try APay For Easy Cash Back (Updated)

Join Mother Confessions in earning cash back with APay! Use this referral code and get a $10 bonus., into your browser. You can also just go to and use my user code, c_qPgkLJXn. I must say that I was a little skeptical about using APay. However, I have really enjoyed it. I have … Continue reading Try APay For Easy Cash Back (Updated)

Christmas Bucket List

During my Pinterest searching I found a few clever Advent calendars and Christmas counts downs. I really liked the idea of counting down the days with the kids, but there wasn't one that was really perfect for me. I saved a few to a Christmas board and decided to create my own 25 Days of … Continue reading Christmas Bucket List

The 3 P’s of Winter

It's that time of year where the cold weather begins to take a toll on things. In the rush of bundling kids and getting ready for the holidays don't forget your 3 P's of winter. Pets Pets should never be left outdoors without shelter from the weather. Remember to bring your furry friends indoors or … Continue reading The 3 P’s of Winter