Pregnant: Part 3 of Us

When we found out that we were pregnant it was very stressful. Hubby and I had only been together for a short period of time. We were rebuilding ourselves from previous bad relationships. We were not ready to add to our family. Combined we already had 3 boys, aged 6,4,and 13 months when we found … Continue reading Pregnant: Part 3 of Us


Pregnancy Fears After Miscarriage

After a miscarriage some people may be eager to try again. However, some people are scared of getting pregnant again. I was one of those people. Two years after I lost my 3rd child (reference Healing After Miscarriage), I found myself with unexpectedly pregnant. I was terrified that I would lose this baby too. I … Continue reading Pregnancy Fears After Miscarriage

My Rainbow Baby

In 2013 I met my wonderful husband. I had left a bad relationship and was not looking for anything serious. I was so surprised when I met him and instantly knew that he was exactly who I was looking for. The bonus was that he had a young son from a previous relationship. His baby … Continue reading My Rainbow Baby

Healing After Miscarriage

Nothing drained the color out of my life like the loss of my baby. Sitting in that doctor's office, I could see so many happy people and I was hurt and angry. How could this happen to me? My doctor explained that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. That day my child became 1 of the 4.

The Journey Begins

Hello Thanks for joining me. I am so excited about this blog.  I really wanted a place where I could talk about anything and everything.  One thing I've learned is that life has beautiful moments, but it is never perfect.  There are days when you feel like you're totally winning at being a wife, mother, … Continue reading The Journey Begins