Will Return Soon!

Hi everyone! I'm sorry but I have to take a break to take care of some things. Until then check out a few of my older posts! Here are a couple of my favorites: 5 Step Parenting Tips How to Keep Vibrant Red Hair How I choose Subscription Boxes. Don't forget to drop a comment … Continue reading Will Return Soon!


5 Step Parenting Tips

Becoming a step parent can come with it's own unique challenges.  Whether it's how you will interact with the child, or how you will handle backlash from the biological parent, you will definitely need a game plan.  I know a few things about step parenting from both angles.  My older two children have a step … Continue reading 5 Step Parenting Tips

1 Simple Rule for Busy Moms

My older two children are 2 years, 2 weeks and 2 days apart.  I never planned on being a single mother, but life happens.  My mother came to stay with me when my second was born and I was terrified for her to leave.  God bless her, she stayed until he was 4 months old. … Continue reading 1 Simple Rule for Busy Moms